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Commander, Rivellon is burning, our people decimated. The bloodless have risen and they're dancing on our graves. But, this isn't my first waltz with evil and this time I'm not dancing alone. We must gather a special covenant of the Godwoken and end the war dividing our people. Sacrifices must be made, empires will fall, but we will strike back, using whatever means necessary. Command the apocalypse squad and vanquish Rivellon of a new evil, aboard the Lady Vengeance
Malady - Divinity: Fallen Heroes announcement trailer

Divinity: Fallen Heroes is the planned seventh game in the Divinity series. It is a direct sequel of Divinity: Original Sin 2. Originally announced for 2019, the game was put on hold on 15 October 2019.


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Fallen Heroes is a turn based strategy, where unlike its predecessors, the parties take alternating turns in combat, as opposed to individual character turns. Many of the elements from Original Sin/Original Sin 2 make a comeback; including skills, classes and environmental effects; with the addition of sulphurium. Furthermore, elements such as the council and upgrades from Divinity: Dragon Commander also make a return.

Combat parties are formed of teams of four, with the ability to take 2 special items into battle. Combat parties can be formed from characters of a specific classes and eight unique characters, of which seven are returners from Original Sin 2:

In addition to this, the Lady Vengeance, the Godwoken's ship from the aforementioned game also makes a return. As before the Lady Vengeance is a base of operations, however traversing the ship is now done in the same manner as it was in Dragon Commander; by selecting locations from the icons at the bottom of the screen to move from room to room. Once in a room, the player character remains in a fixed position. The Lady Vengeance herself can be upgraded to provide battle support.

Combat and skills[]

As with Original Sin and Original Sin 2, the combat party has a fixed number of moves or actions they can make in a single turn, based on the number of Action Points.

Quest selection[]

In Fallen Heroes, not all quests can be undertaken in a single play-though; for each quest taken one must be sacrificed, indicating that choices made will affect the story as the player progresses through the quest tree.