He Who Smelts It, Volume I

He Who Smelts It
The quality of a proper sword has quite declined in recent decades. Some blame a change in climate; others a change in the type and origin of :iron reserves. I myself craft my own supplies from an iron bar and an anvil to ensure the maximum character of the weapon.

He Who Smelts It, Volume II

He Who Smelts It
Quite a good deal of extra income can be earned by forging and selling one's own unique brand of axes. Crafting experience naturally produces :better results, but of course it's becoming increasingly difficult to compete with the low prices guild-run shops can offer.

He Who Smelts It, Volume III

He Who Smelts It
Rumor has it that orc smiths make their great axes with two pieces of steel. Most men couldn't carry such a large weapon, let a lone swing it, so :few attempt the forging process. Two-handed swords can be crafted in a similar manner, using twin pieces of iron instead of steel. A sword as :long as a man is high- it takes quite the broad sort to wield such a thing!

He Who Smelts It, Volume IV

Who Smelts It, Dealt It
It may take some practice, but once you've got your iron bar out of your iron ore, you can make it even stronger by turning it into steel. :That's right. All you need is a forge, an iron bar, and some craftsmanship of course. Can't learn that from reading a book.

He Who Smelts It, Volume V

He Who Smelts It
There's little more one can do with iron ore than turn it into an iron bar. Heat the ore and start moulding it to the desired shape and size. :Some say it's dwarves' work and half the quality of good iron comes from dwarvish know-how, but one can't always sit around waiting for a :shipment of the stuff.

=== He Who Smelts It, Volume VI

He Who Smelts It
Beat some metal scraps into shape and you've got a makeshift piece of armor. Swinging a hammer around- that's the way to do it! Leave throwing :hard-earned gold around to the elves!

He Who Smelts It, Volume VII

He Who Smelts It
Did you know the great shoemaker, Master Cobble, gods rest his soul, used to be a swordsmith? Until his dying day, he was still using the horn :and should of his anvil to make shoes! Well, boots and metal greaves. But still. Talk about slicing bread with an axe!