Leandra's Diary

To my Enlightened Immaculates:

I have left instructions with Mangoth that these instructions are only to be read under the most dire of circumstances; thus I write assuming that such circumstances have come to pass

If i am dead, the Death Knights must be stopped. Our purpose is the achievement of specific ends, not senseless destruction or tyranny. We seek true peace and peace is hard-won, but I have crafted our Death Knights with the intention of securing the future, not of conquering the helpless.

Each Death Knight has been infused with a drop of my blood, and a drop of my blood can make them vulnerable. Take this vial and combine it with the spell I have crafted (elsewhere stored) and the Death Knights may be subdued.

If I am dead, it means I have failed you. For this, my Immaculates, I am forever sorry.

Yet, in my absence, the Immaculates must disband. Without me, the goddes is no longer listening

The Conduit