[This diary contains several fragmented notes, seemingly scribbled in distraction.]

Tenebrium stores located within Luculla Mines. Sufficient for all operations.

Miners contained; devoted to Conduit. Should expedite the mining process.

Imp has proven useful in the development of prototype. But the result was far more dangerous and difficult to control than anticipated. Consider implementing failsafe. Power without loyalty is useless.

They key is blood. Blood Stone, and my own contribution of life make the resulting Knights loyal to me in every way. Still, danger must be further mitigated.

Have developed method to make Knights vulnerable if it should become necessary to dismantle them. The spell and the blood suffice.

First fully functioning prototype created. A beauty to behold. Totally loyal to me.

Immaculates will oversee continued production of Knights. I expect that, soon, my army will be ready to march.