As a child, Maradino was fascinated by the ephemeral dance of the flame. Prohibited from tinkering with his mother's matchbox, Maradino nevertheless dreamt of the day he'd be able to master a flame of his own.

When he began his studies into the arcane wizarding arts, he came upon a spell that quite fascinated him. Ignia Capul it was called, and it promised to introduce his supple, growing mind to a world of magical fire.

Maradino studied the spell long into the night. As the sun crested upon the horizon, he determined to try what he had learned. Carefully, precisely, he spoke the words on the page. A warm sensation came over him; was it the fire of knowledge? The power of the academic flame within? No- it was his very hair blazing and burning ever higher into the early morning.

Maradino shrieked and dunked his head into his basin; he never attempted the spell again.