What finer feeling can there be than when a group of rough-and-tumble adventurers gather 'round a fire to loose the chill and share tales of beasts slain, loves lost, and victories seized from the jaws of evil? Ah, perhaps when a cooking pot appears at the fire's heart, the promise of a thik stew or tender pie beckoning from its iron depths.


Baking bread in a city setting is as easy as mixing flour and water and finding a hot fire. But out in the wild, the determined baker must go one or more steps farther

A mortar and pestle, combines with wheat, will produce a sufficient flour for baking, and water must be obtained from a nearby well.


Dough, the happy child of water and wheat, serves as the base for many a hearty and filling meal. With a lump of dough in one hand and either apples, cheese, fish, or tomato sauce in the other, supper is sure to be delight.


Potatoes: mother nature's Jorath-of-all-trades. Mash 'em. Boil 'em. Cut 'em ino strips and fry 'em up real nice. With a potato in your hand, the world is yours for the taking!


It takes more than just throwing a pumpkin in a pot to make my gran's famed Pumpkin Soup! Well... perhaps that's exactly what it tkes, but still you'll find some way to muck it up, no doubt!