... as soon as that blasted dragon withers away, the treasure will be mine once more! Certainly, though, I fear that the Blood Stone is having the same effect on those fire-breathing nuisances as it seems to have on the rest of us. If that's the case, they must be the size of whales by now.

Strange, isn't it, that the very thing that made those riches so easy to plunder now makes them impossible to obtain. Ah, to ride the waves once more, me magnificent, infused with the power of the Blood Stone, made superhuman by its strength! How easily gold and jewels fall from the hands of the rich when faced with a shipful of us.

Until the dragons die off or move, I'll keep to my hidden room. Even if a wanderer knew I were hiding beneath his very feet, only the most intrepid would figure out how to open the door. And if one dared to meet me, I'd welcome the opportunity to unleash my wrath upon a fresh soul...