The Order of Source Hunters: A Brief History

When Source was tainted so many centuries ago, Sourcerors who had once brought great good began to wield a force of evil. When one of their kind, Braccus Rex, came to power, he instigated a war that would have undone Rivellon if not for the Council of Seven.
These wise rulers ordered a new order of elite warriors especially trained to fight the Source menace.
Braccus was defeated, and the Order of the Source Hunters began its mission. Our objective is to eradicate the Source menace from Rivellon, one Sourceror at a time.

Recognizing Source

Unlike other forms of magic, Source is particularly difficult to identify. Mages of many years' experience may learn to sense the presence of Source, as others smell the sick-sweet scent of poison or hear the barely-perceptible scrape of a sword loosened from its hilt.
Source may be channeled through certain objects-- weapons, gems, or metals. These are unpredictable as Source itself and may inflict terrible harm or magnificent feats of healing upon either wielder or target

Methodology of the Source Hunters

Ours is an order of cunning and cleverness as much as strength and power.
The well-trained Source Hunter will examine and question- list every barrel and analyze each testimony for the faintest breath of a clue.
Nothing is insurmountable. If some knot puzzles you, mark its location upon your map and return to it when you've learned a better method of untangling it.
There are no limits to a Source Hunter's resolve. No riddle is unknowable; no foe unbeatable; no mystery unsolvable.