An elf once shwoedme how to fashion my own bows. She was using a tree branch and a couple sinews she'd found and that was that. She even crafted her own crossbows, but I never did get the hang of working with iron. But I have found her method of re-stringing broken bows quite useful, and I always keep a few spare sinews in my pack just in case


Special arrows are the milk and butter of the more experienced marksman. First, the crafty ranger makes his own arrowheads from the teeth of the fallen. The special property of these arrowheads, particularly when combined with potions, is not to be underestimated.


Mixing poisons with certain objects can produce an elixer powerful enough to affect a particular attribute of an intended victim. A toots dissolved within a strong pison, for isntance, will leech the strength from a man's arm in an instant. It would be difficult to pour such a concoction down his throat during combat, but coating an arrowhead can deliver a dose of poison straight to the target. The fumes released upon contact will deliver the poison just as effectively