Lockpicking Edit

Lockpicking is an Ability in Divinity: Original Sin under the Nasty Deeds section, made available to the main characters and party members, allowing them to bypass locked doors and containers to gain access to areas or misc loot. Although simple locks can be opened using the Lockpick item with no investment into this Ability, more complex locks will require higher levels to successfully be opened. Without sufficient level, you will be given a message prompt stating the lock is too high level.

Lockpicks can be found at random in various locations in the game world and sold by some vendors. Lockpicks can also be crafted using the Crafting Ability.

Although Lockpicking is a convenient and time saving Ability, it is sometimes unnecessary as most doors and containers can be broken into by sheer force. The downside to using this method however is that your weapons will take substantial durability loss, and oftentimes a door or container will not break before your weapon does. Using no weapon will enable the player to use fists and/or feet to attack the locked door/container, but this will take quite a bit of time.

Lockpicking Skill & Gear Edit

You can find Bracers, Boots, Belts and Rings that add to your Lockpicking skill.