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Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game is an epic adventure game set in the world of Rivellon. Up to 4 players take their heroes on a branching, narrative adventure, filled with tactical combat and meaningful choices. Thanks to the Chronicle System, the choices you make will impact not just your own story, but the future of the Divinity Original Sin universe. Based on the award-winning Divinity Original Sin II video game by Larian Studios, the board game developed by Lynnvander Studios expands Divinity in new directions, adding new stories, side quests, skills, items, and monsters, all in a brand new tabletop experience.

Divinity: Original Sin the Board Game is a boardgame by Larian Studios. The project was officially announced through Larian Gazette #3 and launched on Kickstarter on 20th November 2019. Funding ceased month later on 20th December 2019.


The story has not yet been disclosed, with livestream and demos using a separate story as to avoid spoilers. However the story itself takes place in alternate universe and as such is not canon.

Design and Development[]

The original prototype was started in 2018 and took over a year to complete before being brought to Kickstarter. The game itself is story driven, with many elements of the video games incorporated into the design including:

  • Side quests
  • Locations
  • Origin stories
  • Character creation
  • NPC's
  • Tags

The characters are predominantly taken from Divinity: Original Sin 2, with a small number of returning side characters from Divinity: Original Sin.

Several characters will be included as miniatures, some playable, others as encounters and bosses. Larian have indicated that not all characters (Slane specifically) may not necessarily be on the side that players expect them to be on.

The game has been separated on the Kickstarter into 3 tiers:

  • Standard - 1 story book, 1391 cards, 37 miniatures, 342 tokens, 16 dice, 2 cloth bags.
  • Premium - 1 story book, 1391 cards, 45 miniatures, 342 tokens, 32 dice, 20 metal coins, 2 leather bags.
  • Extended - 3 story books, 1596 cards, 47 miniatures, 342 tokens, 32 dice, 20 metal coins, 2 leather bags.

Alongside these three tiers, there are also 9 add ons available to purchase alongside the game itself:

  • Boss Upgrade Pack
  • Metal Coin Set
  • 16 Extra Dice
  • Upgraded Bags
  • Wooden Insert
  • Side Quest Box #1
  • Side Quest Box #2
  • Vallejo Paint Pack
  • Gemstone Dice Set

Development History[]

Wyrmwood Board

Wyrmwood board prototype

The first development update was released on 31 January 2020 following play testing at PAX South in San Antonia, Texas by Lynnvander Studios Inc who were authors of the project alongside Larian Studios. As part of this announcement 6 possible endings, concept art and six confirmed possible endings were announced alongside the late pledge manager opening.

The second update on 5 March 2020 confirmed the release of a collector's gameboard by Wyrmwood through the late pledge manager, this has been removed from the board game and Larian Studios have confirmed refunds will be processed for those who made a pledge for this item on 15 July 2022 as the game board that was originally announced is no longer part of the game set.

In addition to the Wyrmwood board, an additional boss HP tracker was added into the game with the player HP trackers also being updated in order to better match the art style of the main board. Initiative and Target Tokens were also redesigned from play colours into character specific tokens and the Target Tokens were brought in line stylistically with the Status Tokens.

PAX East Playtest March 2020

PAX East Playtest Game

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 Larian studios released another update in the same month (19 March 2020) to alleviate any concerns around supply and production from China, announcing that the STL files for the miniatures were to be sent to their Chinese partners soon. Blind playtesting was however, delayed due to participants not being able to attend due to local, national and international shutdowns. Overall development was not delayed as work had been undertaken remotely from the start of the project. Translation for a select, but undisclosed number of languages was confirmed as a post Kickstarter goal.

Board Game Design Changes June 2020

Example Design changes, June 2020

Updates fell silent on the project until 10 June 2020 when Larian announced their first delay to the game's release, postponing until summer 2021. This was to allow for quality improvements to the 850 game cards (524 location cards, 119 enemies and bosses, 158 items and 49 NPC’s) and play testing to take place. Acknowledgement of the delay would be a disappointment and Larian confirmed refunds were available for those who wished to request one.

Playtesting was announced to be ready to commence in the 19 July 2020 update with 10 copies of the game being sent out to be tested over a 6-7 week period. Expanding crafting and further new artwork was demonstrated as part of this update. The 27 August 2020 update covered art changes, miniatures and boss battles.

The next update on 4 October 2020 covered playtesting and the feedback from it as well as 12 new skills, new unique items, and tweaks to skills and talents. The 3 November update also covered similar subjects.

Second round play testing was confirmed as being completed in the 11 December 2020 update, along with origin stories, the game's power curve and terminology changes to make the game easier to understand. Third round play testing was announced to be coming soon on 29 January 2021 along with an overhaul of Origin Stories to make them more interlinked whilst retaining the individuality of the stories themselves.

Confirmation of a second delay to the board game's release was made in an update on 9 June 2021, pushing the release date to 2022, with no approximate date within the year. Planned improvements to the board game that were announced during update were to the narrative and rules to help guide players into the game. Updates ceased until 10 December 2021 when Noah, Cohen, Brian Neff and Kat Kruger were brought onboard to bring the project to completion. The gameboard and encounter board were merged into the storybook improve immersion with the game. Other changes to the game including the merging of skill school specialisation and talent system and changes to the initiative mechanics. An estimated release date was given as quarter 3, or at most quarter 4 of 2022. Although not stated, this update indicated the departure of Lynnvander Studios from the project. Although there was no formal confirmation of Lynnvander's departure from the project, implied confirmation was made by the company following Raze's suspension on the official Kickstarter for using a targeted domestic violence analogy to explain the lack of updates to a user.

Updates fell silent until 15 July 2022 with confirmation that the updated Storybook is now the Divine Atlas, lengthy discussion around gameplay, and an AMA on Twitch to run 19 July 2022, 10:00 - 11:30 Pacific.

Game Versions[]


The standard version contains the base game and miniatures. The additional game items in the premium and extended editions can be purchased separately.

Game board

The game board is an octagonal clock style board, with The Lady Vengeance figurehead as the clock hand. The inner ring of the clock has sixteen Arabic number positions, laid out in a circular pattern; the middle ring a wait glass icon, followed by the numbers 1-8 in roman numbers in a semicircle and the outer ring eight rectangular spots, one to each side of the clock.

Player boards

The game comes with 4 dual-layer player boards.

Player sheets

Player sheets hold the character stats for each player, although the exact number has not been confirmed, it can be assumed that at least 4 sheets will be provided (due to maximum players being 4).

Boss board
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Player board and HP trackers March 2020

Player board, player and boss health trackers, March 2020

Player health trackers

Health trackers consist of two sliding number disks in a rectangle sleeve. Four are provided.

Rule book
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Encounter book
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Chronicle scoresheets
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16 dice

Four different types of dice are provided:

  • 5 blue
  • 5 red
  • 5 black
  • 1 white
Location cards

520 location cards are provided with the game, many of which have additional effects.

Skill cards

102 skill cards are available, skill groups shown are:

  • Aerotheuge
  • Necromancer
  • Warefare
  • Hydrosophist
  • Huntsman
  • Polymorph

There also appears to be at least one new skill group, which the armor breaker is a part of.

Item cards

100 items are included

Enemy cards

A total of 40 enemy and 9 boss cards are provided, each one double sided. The bosses that were added following stretchmarks being reach each comes with a miniature, however the initial 8 do not.

  • Crypt Guardian
  • Darkhan
  • Forest Tiger
  • Gheist
  • Ghoul
  • Ice Rhino
  • Khaliegha
  • Magister Champion
  • Nightmare Lizard
  • Shambling Vegetal Tank
  • The Kraken*
  • Venom-Wing

* The Kraken is comprised of 5 miniatures and is classed as a megaboss

Nightmare Mode

Nightmare Mode includes a second, more difficult card for each enemy in the game

Boss tactic cards

There are 56 boss tactic cards included.

Source cards

Four source cards will be available.

Summon cards

There are three summons included, the two confirmed so far are incarnate and bone widow, both of which have their own miniatures.

Class cards

Fourteen class cards are provided to enable fast setup, however players can setup their characters manually if they so wish.

NPC cards

There are 50 NPC cards with expanded dialogue were added to the game after reaching the $950K stretchmark. Alongside this are 10 miniatures:

1 There are 4 chickens in the set
2 Slane is a giant minature which comes with his own statcard, tactics desk and unique loot cards

Crafting cards

There are 18 crafting cards which are recipes for crafting new items. In addition to this there are 20 rune crafting cards which allow for equipment modification.

The Dungeon

The Dungeon is a mini expansion that was included into the game after the Kickstarter reached the $450k stretchmark. The expansion adds:

  • 12 setup randomizers
  • 84 locations
  • 16 enemies
The War Chest

The War Chest is the second mini-expansion, unlocked at the $750K stretchmark and adds a further 90 cards to the game:

  • 50 items
  • 40 enemies
Crafting materials

48 crafting material tokens and 12 rune crafting tokens included with a cloth bag.

AP tokens

5 green wooden Ability Point (AP) tokens are included in the pack.

Initative and Target Tokens 2020

Initiative and target tokens, March 2020

Target tokens

4 target tokens are supplied, each one a different colour (red, blue, green, yellow).

Initiative tokens

52 Initiative tokens are included, one for each character. As with the crafting materials, they also come with a bag.

Damage tokens

36 damage tokens with values of 1,2,5 and 20 are supplied, the quantity for each value has not been confirmed.

Status tokens

There are 72 status tokens covering 16 status effects.

Source tokens

The game comes with 12 Source tokens.

Location time

The location time token is a long hexagon token with an hour glass imprinted on it. Only one is supplied with the game.

Talent tokens

There are a total of 40 talents, the quantity of each token has not been stated.

Environmental interactions

Environmental interactions are a set of 40 environment tokens and 4 barrel miniatures.

Origin characters

Origin characters are playable characters, either taken from Original Sin 2 or new for the board game. Each origin character has a miniature and 16 page character book, containing short stories and extended dialogue.


The premium edition includes the contents of the standard edition, however the cloth bags are replaced with leather ones. In addition to this, there are several further inclusions:

Boss upgrade pack

The bosses themselves do not change, however each one will now come with its own miniature.

Metal coin set

20 coins produced by Norse Foundry are included; valuing either 1 or 5. There are 15x1 and 5x5.

Extra dice

A further 16 dice, identical to the standard edition are supplied.


The extended edition contains the same contents as the premium edition, alongside both side quest boxes.

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