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What is Divinity?

Divinity is a series of 6 games by Larian Studios predominantly in the RPG genre, plus 3 books and a board game. Set in the fictional realm of Rivellon, the land is populated by seven sentient races who individually, govern various territories. Each race has its own culture, religion and political affinities.

The series itself does not run in chronological order, however all games are considered canon by the developers.

Canon and Conflicts

As a whole, unless specifically specified by Larian Studios, the Divinity Wiki treats all Divinity Series content as canon. There is acknowledgement of conflicts in the canon for the series. Where these arise official responses, then the most recent game in the series is treated as the current canon. Any content that is no longer canon for the series is still treated as canon for the specific game.

The only piece of media that is considered a non-canon is Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game as stated by Larian themselves.


There are currently 6 Divinity games created by Larian Studios, with the oldest being Divine Divinity from 2002 and newest Divinity: Original Sin II from 2017.


There are 3 books throughout the series that give insight into the world of Rivellon. The oldest being The Prophecy written for Divine Divinity game which was followed by Child of the Chaos novella for Beyond Divinity game and the newest being Godwoken Comic Book written for Divinity: Original Sin II.


In 2019 Larian Studios in cooperation with Lynnvander Studios started developing their first tabletop Divinity game called Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game on Kickstarter platform. Its story is set in alternate universe and follows the same origin characters from Divinity: Original Sin II.

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