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Do I Want to Summon a Demon? is a side quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed Walkthrough[]


Even though Corinna wants Exquisite wine, normal wine will do as well. There is one bottle right in front of her.


Getting the book from Penumbra requires to get Penumbra first out of Thieves Guild custody. Speak to Rob in Ducal Inn, to be told of couple tests to gain entry. Once gotten entry, proceed through basement until you meet Leondric. You can either attack him, or go back towards east which causes him to leave post. Door can be then opened with nearby key, left from door. After freeing Penumbra, head back to Corinna's house, where Penumbra is already waiting. She wants to get dagger back from Kratus, after which she'll give book Corinna needs. Dagger in question is located in west wing of Verdistis city watch. Head inside when Kratus is not in vicinity and pick door leading to south-west room. Dagger is in northernmost chest next to west wall. Head back to Penumbra with the dagger, and she'll give the book.

  • Note: Dagger is in chest even before starting this quest.


Mpenzak has branch, but using this branch will make demon in the end to kill Corinna and attack Lucian, thus failing the quest.

The other, real option is to head to Teneb Tiriel and get a real branch. Easiest way of getting to the tree is by following the road down to south, until finding the Elven Encampent. The talking tree is in the eastern forest area, where the insane skeletons are. When finding the tree, it's possible to get the branch;

  • Saying to be sorry being disturber.
  • Violently: simply asking for branch, which makes tree to launch explosive projectiles and summon infernal corpses.
  • Without violence: by stating that one has traveled far to meet the tree, then mentioning woodcutters, tricking the tree.

In either case, branch must be taken from right next to the tree.

After getting all the required items, Corinna will head down to basement and needs you to bring Nightflower from her garden.

  • Note: Flower is not in garden before turning in all items required.

Follow Corinna down to basement with Nightflower and speak with her again in southern basement room.

  • Note: Telling her this point that one doesn't want to get involved will end quest.


  • Succesfully finishing the quest rewards with experience and a skillpoint for Banish.

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