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Doctor Elrath's House is a house in Rivertown Market.


The house of Doctor Elrath. A hidden room in the basement seems to serve as his laboratory.


When Doctor Elrath is not home, the door is locked and the key can be found under a rock south of the house. Upon the entry table, there is some roasted pork. The house itself is locked by a maze of locked doors and lanterns that act as combination locks.

Lantern combination: B-C-D-E-C-C-D
Lantern Location
A Left of the entrance
B Right of the entrance
C Left wall of the first room
D Left of the door into the passage
E North wall in bedroom

In the bedroom is a locked chest for which key is on nearby table.

Upon entering the basement it seems to consist of only one room, however, the boxes to the east block a locked door; the key to which is inside the chest next to the stairs to the house. In the next corridor, there is poison trap, and in the next room is a djinn, the Letter of Elrath and two cure flasks, which can be used to cure the plague patients in the poor area. Also there are decapitated heads and other gruesome items, like chemist's knives around this room.

Notable inhabitants[]