Doctor Needleman

Doctor Needleman is a doctor located on the second floor of the Rivertown Tavern in the first closed door to the left from the stairs. He is needed for the quest Method or Madness. He wears a copper hat to protect himself from the mind reading ability and to keep you from knowing where he keeps his loots.

If you try to mind read him you will get the following:

You receive a nasty little shock!
"Yes! The device works! Nice try, Slayer!"

You can buy jewelry and potions from him.

After the events at Orobas Fjords and becoming a dragon, he can be found at the very top of Lovis' Tower trembling and in a state of catatonia but without the helmet.

You can then mind read him for 800 exp to learn the password to his storage that is located south southeast of the tower, at a low elevation near the poison level.