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Alms for a leper! Alms for a leper! Can you spare a few pennier for a leper, good wanderer? The gods be kind to those who are kind to others.

Dorian is a character in Divine Divinity.


Abandoned by his mother as a babe and his father dying on his own sword, Dorian is a thief who does steals for the sake of the poor area.

He claims to have leprosy and is falling apart from the inside but he does not show any visible signs of the condition. He states his "pancreas fell off a while ago" as evidence of his condition.

Interactions with player[]

If Lucian gives him some gold, he is grateful and his disposition increases by 30. Upon returning to him again, he says life is still rotten, but he is able to help his friends.

Related quests[]

  • Catch the thief! - Dorian admits to stealing Tom's meat if confronted with the evidence discovered.