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Download is for collecting downloadable content associated with Divinity Series including public content provided by Larian Studios and fans. This includes but its not limited to books, fan site kits, guides, demo versions of the games, advent calendar content, mods and more.


Colouring Books[]

Currently there are 3 official colouring books released by Larians Studios. All of these were released as part of advent calendar in 2017 on 5th, 10th and 20th day respectively.

Cosplay Guides[]

Following cosplay guides for Origin characters: Fane, Ifan ben-Mezd, Lohse, Sebille, Marcus Miles and the Red Prince, have been published by Larian Studios on the official Divinity: Original Sin 2 website.


The Prophecy and Child of the Chaos novella pdfs are part of the Divinity II fan site kit and used to be available on the official Beyond Divinity website. Following files are on the wiki domain itself and can also be accessed by the respective book pages on the wiki.

Original Sin Boardgame Documents[]

Alongside the Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game, Larian Studios has released official rulebook, paint guide and rulebooks for Haunted Keep, Nemesis and Dungeon and Nightmare mode. All of these download links were publicly posted by Larian Studios on the boardgame Kickstarter pages.

Playable Demos and Minigames[]

Demos and Prototypes[]

Divinity II: Ego Draconis XBOX DEMO prototype - mirrors
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Beyond Divinity Demo
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Divine Divinity Demo
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Imp Runner is a mini-game released for the Beyond Divinity game. Imprunner, the moniker a wink at Beyond Divinity's original working title, is a 3D Director game played in your browser (requires shockwave plugin).

Imp Runner
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Fansite Kits[]

All of the following links will lead you to Wayback Machine page and the download of the kit will start automatically. The kit is in a zip file. All of them include fonts, wallpapers and art. Divinity II fansite kit includes the Prophecy and Child of the Chaos novellas (these can be downloaded on here on the wiki as well).

Divinity II Fansite Kit
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Beyond Divinity Fansite Kit
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Divine Divinity Fansite Kit
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Mods are content that is added into the game or content that is already within the game, but changed by modders. For more information about mods for specific games and the Divinity Series refer to: