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The Dragon Elves are an artificially engineered race created by the Dragons themselves to protect Sentinel Island, the largest magical source of Rivellon.


A crossbreed of Dragon and Elf, Dragon Elves hold some of the best features of both; fast, deadly and resilient, but also possessing impressive magical abilities that reflect the nature of the Dragons the served.

Dragon Elves stand much taller than the average human, though this height is diminished by the hunched posture they seem to favor. The body of a Dragon Elf is unmistakably draconic; its skull adorned with horns, its hands an array of long, vicious claws, its legs digitigrade and its feet three-toed, all balanced out by a reptilian tail.


The Dragons desired servants that were strong and fearsome like themselves, but not as intelligent. The Dragons selected the Elves, a new race at the time, to crossbreed with, thus creating the Dragon Elves.

In addition to the Dragons themselves, the Dragon Elves also served Maxos, a Dragon Knight and powerful wizard. Dragon Elves may have also served other Dragon Knights in some capacity, as the remains of long-dead Dragon Elves can be found in Lovis' Tower.

During Maxos' reign over Sentinel Island the Dragon Elves flourished under their dragon master; however, when he disappeared without a trace never to be heard again Laiken, a necromancer, became the new master of the Battle Tower. The once flourishing landscapes became dreary desert, and the hybrids who were once generous and brave, were rendered mad and feral by Laiken's cruelty. As of 1300 AD, the only known Dragon Elf on Sentinel Island to retain any sense of intelligence is Vacca, who hid within his cave reading books.

Adah, one of Laiken's servants, attempted to raise an army of Dragon Elves to serve her master in his mission to rule Rivellon, but she came into conflict with her sister Mahalath, who believed that her Walking Armors were the superior soldiers. The two pitted their troops against one another within a cave on Sentinel Island, where they had been locked in a stalemate for so long that both sisters were unsure that Laiken even remembered them.



A Dragon Elf

There are several variants of Dragon Elf that can be encountered in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.

Sentinel Island[]

  • Wild - The most common variant, attacks with its claws. They are rarely encountered alone.
  • Ranger - In lieu of a bow, the Ranger fires weak ranged spells.
  • Mage - Fights with magic.
  • Summoner - Fights similarly to a Ranger or Mage, but can summon a Dragon Elf Wild to assist it.
  • Captain - Strong melee fighters. They possess some magical abilities which they will use to combat the player (going off of memory, please verify).
  • Epic - The most powerful variant of Dragon Elf native to Sentinel Island. Skilled at both melee and magic and possessing the ability to cast Heal; be careful when fighting these, as they can get the best of even overleveled players that aren't cautious.

Orobas Fjords[]