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This page contains a list of all quests Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga and its parts Divinity II: Ego Draconis and Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.

Ego Draconis[]

Main quests[]

Quest Location Issuer
The Farglow Connection Farglow Rhode
Chasing the Dragon Broken Valley Rhode
To Lay a Ghost to Rest Chapel Rhode
Looking for Lovis Broken Valley Zandalor the Wise
Paper Trail Lovis' Tower Lord Lovis
Dragon No More Maxos Temple The Librarian
A Tale of Two Tomes Maxos Temple The Librarian
The Prophecy Sentinel Island The Island
Caught Undead Sentinel Island Igor/Jonelath
Enchanted I'm Sure Sentinel Island Radcliff/Wesson
The Gardener Sentinel Island Barbatos/Allan
Sparring Partner Sentinel Island Hermosa/Kenneth
Candles in the Wind Sentinel Island Sassan
The Second Coming Sentinel Island Sassan
Breaking an Entry Sentinel Island Sassan
What's in a Name Battle Tower Sassan
Laiken in his Lair Battle Tower
Revelation Battle Tower
Hall of Echoes Bound Battle Tower
Come to No Harm Aleroth
Lock and Key Battle Tower
Reaping the Seeds Primordial Cave
X Marks the Spot Primordial Cave

Side quests[]

Quest Location Issuer
A Hunting We Shall Go Barracks
Into the Bandit's Den Barracks Lieutenant Louis
Feast or Famine Broken Valley Village Richard
Saving the Bacon Broken Valley Village Folo
Hearttaker Broken Valley Village Richard
Band of Brutes Black Boar Elsa/Tim
For a Pound of Flesh Black Boar Locke
The Greater Hunter Black Boar Brave Sir Robin
The Fugitive Black Boar David
Louis' Stash Barracks Merrill
Buad Blood Watermill Abanayabar
High and Dry Broken Valley Quincy
New Order or Champion Chaos? Jackson's Farm Lomax
A Private Delivery Jackson's Farm Dana Jackson
Skeletons in the Closet Jackson's Farm Carl Jackson
Vigor Mortis New Miner's Dig Naberius
An Axe to Find Bandit Camp Tagos
Couple Trouble Bandit Camp Clement/Sybille
The Temple of Doom Bandit Camp Captain Emily
Daylight Robbery Broken Valley/Bandit Camp Ragnar
Method or Madness Broken Valley Eugene
Stuck in a Hole Broken Valley Rothman
The Hunt for Red Ore Broken Valley Dreavan
Lost Soul Lovis' Tower Lord Lovis
Into Thin Air Lovis' Tower Geoff
Lovis' Loot Lovis' Tower Lovis
Lost for Words Broken Valley (Maxos Temple) George Gremory
In Cold Blood Maxos Temple Abalam
From Soup to Nuts Sentinel Island Hermit
Ghostbuster Sentinel Island Vacca
Legend of the Ancient Mariner Sentinel Island Turgoyn
Man Overboard Sentinel Island Hermosa
Sibling Rivalry Forlorn Cave Adah/Mahalath
The Old Ghost and the Sea Sentinel Island Jonah
The Writing on the Whale Sentinel Island Catherine Gremory
The Mind Of... Sentinel Island The Island
Red Ore Alert Orobas Fjords Crabbe
Stood Up Orobas Fjords Crabbe
A Guild Without a Master Broken Valley Mine Tower Williams
Down the Hatch Dragon Cliff Castle Jedediah
Chalice of the Dragon Dragon Cliff Castle Jedediah
A Puff of Drudanae Dragon Cliff Castle Jedediah
A Shaman's Ransom Champion Harbour Aurelius
A Hunting We Shall Go Again Champion Harbour
Between a Troll and a Hard Place Champion Harbour Brutus
On the Road Again Champion Harbour Page
Death of a Champion Svadilfari Cave Svadilfari
Much Ado About Goblins Svadilfari Cave Groth
Close to the Bone Keara's Flying Fortress Velanir
Divine Descendant High Hall Gobie
Sight for Sore Eyes High Hall Simeon
The Horror of High Hall High Hall Beatrice
The Runes of Wrath High Hall Quintus
Grave Robbers Orobas Fjords/Imps' Lair/Grave Robber's Cave Arthur Gremory/Jack Bolton/Jimmy Dean/Laura
Thorn in the Side Champion Harbour Tilian

Battle Tower Upgrades[]

Quest Issuer Upgrade
Allan Brew Confidential Allan Alchemy Garden I
Wisdom in a Bottle Allan Alchemy Garden II
Borrowed Book Barbatos Alchemy Garden I
An Alchemist's Apparel Barbatos Alchemy Garden II
Delicate Affairs Radcliff Workshop I
Dear John Hermosa Skill Trainer I
Murder for Myrthos Hermosa Skill Trainer II
By the Book Kenneth Skill Trainer I
Apprentice and Adversary Kenneth Skill Trainer II
The Book of the Dead Igor Necromancy Ring I
Black Ring's ring Igor Necromancy Ring II
Out on a Limb Jonelath Necromancy Ring I
Risk Life for Limb Jonelath Necromancy Ring II
Short Supply Wesson Workshop I
Raging Raze Wesson Workshop II

Cut quests[]

Flames of Vengeance[]

Main quests[]

Quest Location Issuer
To Find a Wizard Great Market Augustus
Fat Chance Sir Gula's House Gula
Murders in the Rue Lanilor Madame Eve's Madam Eve
Dead Rising Great Market/Ministry Augustus
Nericon's Wrath Mardaneus Plaza Nericon
Bark up the Right Tree Mardaneus Plaza Nericon
Seahorse Salad Prancing Seahorse Talking Painting/Gardner/Thomas/Ashraf
Rune Handles Various Valeri
Zeppelin Escort Black Ring Armada Zandalor the Wise

Side quests[]

Quest Location Issuer
A Fraud a Day... Gula's Archaeological Dig/Healers' House Bernard
A Hunting We Shall Go Once More Aleroth
A Swindler Swindled Lanilor Lane/Willy's House Willy
All the After World's a Stage Playhouse/Playhouse Cellar Alfred
An Appetite For Murder Aleroth Bernard
And it Burns, Burns, Burns Claire's House Claire
Baldini's Bouquet Temple of Nimir/Chez Chanelle Baldini
Bartender Wild Willows Manor Najaad
Beauty And The Beast Crow's Nest/Luxurius' Mansion/Cosy Dwelling Tom
Brothers in Arms Lanilor Lane Nathirap and Eareb
Damsel In Distress Ministry/Servus and Alina's House Servus
Eternal Commitment Healers' House/Decimus' House Decimus
Everybody's A Critic Phoenix Inn/Sir Gula's House Bourdain
Fire'em Up! Phoenix Inn/Lanilor Lane Bedwyr
First Aid Healers' House/Mardaneus Plaza Peter
Herbal Medicine Lanilor Lane/Gula's Archaeological Dig Heleon
Jewellery in Law Lanilor Lane/Playhouse Ransid
Mind over Matter Aleroth Messalina/Bernard/Bedwyr/Dr. West/Casca/Virginius/Flora/Valeri
Old Dog or New Tricks? Circle of Trust Inn/Lanilor Lane Messalina
Reminiscence Of The Past Phoenix Inn/Henry and Eleanor's House Ricky
Sinister Motives Aleroth Astridax
Something Rotten Healers' House/Phoenix Inn/Lanilor Lane Kelton
Spectre at the Feast Great Market/Crowell's House Caracalla
The Blighted Beaker Wild Willows Manor/Gula's Archaeological Dig Najaad
Trail of Deceit Great Market/Cosy Dwelling Hansel