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A stone held by two beautifully-crafted dragons. You draw power from looking at it. It seems like you can control your morphing power with this stone.

Dragon Morph Stone is a type of miscellaneous item in Divinity II


Grants Dragon Knights power to shift-shape to a dragon form.


After the main protagonist has successfully conquered the Battle Tower on Sentinel Island from Laiken with Sassan's help, he/she will receive a dragon stone along with a dragon morph stone.


There are places that the player can't use a dragon morph stone in order to become a dragon.

  1. The player can't use it while he/she is in anti-dragon areas.
  2. The player needs a large space to use a dragon morph stone.
  3. The player can't use the stone while he/she is in buildings,caves, or dungeons(unless they have enough massive space.)

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