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Dragon Skill Book

When a Dragon Skill Book is used, you gain one skill point for your dragon.

Quest Rewards[]

Sentinel Island / Battle Tower[]

Sentinel Island Dragon Skill Book

Dragon Skill Book on Sentinel Island; dragon form needed. Use picture to get a general idea of there it is.

  • Battle Tower - There are five Dragon Skill Books in the Battle Tower after you acquire it; one in every area of the Battle Tower.
  • Sentinel Island (DKS) - after acquiring your dragon form, in a nest in the branch/roots.

Orobas Fjords[]

  • Sinister Cavern - on a table near Barnabus.
  • Primordial Cave (DKS) - Chicken room on the table.
  • Primordial Cave (DKS) - Fire/Poison trap room. East side. Next to the chest surrounded by flame jets with 4 poison plate traps in front.
  • Primordial Cave - Mindread the Patriarch to acquire three Dragon Skill Points!
  • Dark Cave aka Bandit Hideout - on the table next to Ragon.
  • Grave Robber's Cave aka Lost Tomb (DKS) - Next to the broken open tomb at the end of the cave.
  • High Hall Mines in the first large area, next to the locked chest and lava pit.
  • High Hall Well Cave, after a cut scene with Kezzz, on the desk.
  • Orobas Crypt (DKS) - In Orobas' Chest during the quest Down the Hatch.
  • Orobas Crypt (DKS) - Next to the shrine used during the test for Orobas' Chest.
  • Red Hammer Tribe Cave - next to Groth.
  • Stone's Flying Fortress Inner Passage (DKS) - in a booby trapped chest; the statue across the chest will shoot fireballs at the chest.


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