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Blessed by the Maxos rituals, Dragon Knights became natural becons of magic: the powers of which – be it for creation or destruction, righteousness or mischief – they could use at will and whim. Soon, some of them not only let themselves be engulfed by the sources of sorcery, but wrapped them around their bodies: solidly embedded in blade and cuirass.

Dragon Wizard Earrings are a special earrings in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.


Dragon Wizard Earrings are a special earrings that are part of the Dragon Wizard Set. The whole set can be found across Aleroth and is consisted of helmet, cuirass, bracers, leggings and earrings. It requires atleast level 35 in order to be worn. When worn the earrings will boost Strength attribute by 5 points. Furthermore it will grant its wearer 5 points in Destruction skill. The earrings have 1 charm slot and 2 enchantments slots. The default enchantments on the earrings are Damage Aura and Magic Damage Aura.

How to Obtain[]

They are obtained by mindreading the witch Ursula at the Forbidden Archive in the Prancing Seahorse on Lanilor Lane. If she is set free, they are automatically added to your inventory. If you choose to fight her, they can be looted from her remains afterwards.

Set Properties[]

Dragon Wizard Earrings are a part of the set Dragon Wizard Set which allows the item to gain additional, potentially increasing, properties the more items of the same set are worn. Dragon Wizard Earrings primary increased attribute is Spirit, which is firstly gained by equipping 2 items from the set, and then increased by equipping more items from the set.

Set Items Equipped Set Bonus
1 Spirit + 0
2 Spirit + 5
3 Spirit + 10
4 Spirit + 15
5 Spirit + 20