Divinity 2 Drudanae herb

Drudanae is an illicit herb that was used for healing and rituals in the past, but is now banned due its highly addictive nature. It can still be found being used for recreational purposes due to its effect on the brain. Users describe it as inspiring, relaxing, and capable of slowing down the mind. Drudanae should not be used by persons with psychological problems, or when operating heavy equipment such as a zeppelin.

Harvesting a Drudanae plant yields enough for 2 to 5 uses, each of which can be sold for approximately 1,000 gold on the black market. It is typically ground for use in a healing salve, or dried and smoked when used recreationally.

Drudanae is required for the quest A Puff of Drudanae, given by Jedediah as part of Down the Hatch.


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