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Drudanae is a potent herb found throughout Rivellon.


A highly addictive plant that is controlled in some parts of the world,[1] Drudanae is commonly found in the possession of healers,[2] adventurers,[3] or criminal gangs.[4][5] The plant itself is also prized by the lizard's House of Dreams as it enhances their ability to dream and see visions.[6] Due to its potency on the mind, the recommendation is to use it in rituals and avoid its use if one has a mental illness.[3] Although the regulations differ by region in Rivellon, it is safer to assume that the plant is prohibited rather than allowed.[3] However, there are recorded caveats for the legal possession of the drug by licensed healers due to its known medicinal purposes.[1][7] Uncontrollable shaking is one of the known symptoms that addicts will experience during withdrawal. [8]

Cultivation required lots of light, a warm, preferably indoor, atmosphere and regular watering.[1]

Consumption of the herb will lead to a slowing and calming of the mind, allowing the consumer a level of clarity and even inspiration.[9] It should be stored in a dry container so as to be kept in a usable condition.