General Edit

The Dual Wielding skill is generally used by Scoundrel characters who wield one weapon in each hand. This is a new skill introduced in Enhanced Edition, which allows the user to effectively double their damage output at the sacrifice of a defensive option.

The levels which give the most effectiveness are 1, 2 and 5, for the action point cost reduction. The 10% bonus damage from levels 3 and 4 are negligible, so it is recommended to either invest in this skill fully to level 5, or to leave it at level 2. Without the defense of a shield, some Bodybuilding and Willpower or even Armour Specialist skill points may be necessary to survive higher level fights.

Dual Wielding can also be used by Wizard classes, who can wield an elemental Wand in each hand. The advantage to this is that many wands provide hefty bonuses to Health Points, increasing survivability by up to 2 Constitution points! This build doesn't have many other perks, though.

Scaling Edit

Dual Wielding Skill Level Damage Modifier Attack AP Reduction
1 -20% 1 AP
2 -20% 2 AP
3 -10% 2 AP
4 0 2 AP
5 0 3 AP
6 5% 3 AP