Dusty Tome is a book found in the Derelict Tunnels under Broken Valley.


... The conflict between the two tribes had been going on for far too long and troops from both sides were exhausted, both physically and mentally. Something needed to be done: something that would tip the balance, otherwise no winner would ever emerge. Norkip and Sudvik, the two shaman brothers opposed in the battle, had been trying to gain favours from the demon Azimuth.

As each tribe leader possessed one of the three Talismans of Azimuth, the power conferred by the magical amulets evened the war and both shamans were actively looking for the third one. Chance sealed the fate of the war as Anthony Gremory, an old explorer stumbled upon the cave where the warring factions lived, carrying with him the Talisman of the East: the missing part of the puzzle.

Ambushed by Norkip's warriors, he was slaughtered and stripped of his amulet. Norkip, now in possession of two Talismans, walked up to the statue of Azimuth, the only place where the demon's power could be summoned, and lifted the magical artifacts in the air. What he didn't know was that Azimuth would only grant his power to the bearer of three Talismans...

– Dusty Tome, Divinity II: Ego Draconis



Dusty Tome

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