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Their kingdom has been brought to ruin by a proud and feckless queen, many of their best citizens are working in the lands of other races, and what territory they do hold feels threatened by an increasingly aggressive Divine Order. You may not think it to speak to them, but the dwarves are a people on the brink.
Modern Chronicles of Reapers´s Coast by Cranley Huwbert

Dwarves are one of the main seven races inhabiting Rivellon .

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Dwarves are the smallest of all races (barring imps ) but not less physically capable than humans elves or lizards (unless of course it comes to fetching things from high shelves)[1]. They are generally between 4 and (rarely) 5 foot tall and weight between 150 and 250 pounds.[1]

Dwarves are hearty people and they have proven to be strong soldiers, delivering heavy blows and able to apply fearsome strength.[1] Despite their strength dwarves are able to walk incredibly lightly even though not many know and those who do do not advertise this,[1] as this ability has given some dwarves a taste for criminality.[1]



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Dwarves have a kingdom and the structure is rigid and made of several classes where movement between these is unheard of[2]. The distinction between classes is clear. The noble classes who are families whose names are synonymous with wealth, power and long history can be recognised by expensive dress and reserved tones whereas the common classes which consists of labourers and traders speak with more casual or even bawdy speech.[2] In spite of the nobility being the centre of attention the dwarves highly value their trade as they are one of the most bussiness minded and pragmatic of all races and while their empire is growing smaller the dwarven mercantile empires are still strong.[2] Along the ever growing bussiness also grows criminal elements such as smugglers pirates, thieves and extertionists about which is spoken with hushed tones in the taverns.[2]

Kingdom history and current politic situation[]

The dwarven kingdoms history rich with both pride and shame and dwarves are keen on the first and reluctant to admit the latter.[2] The dwarven royals pride themselves on the powerful and unbroken line dating back to the king Tenax himself and are also keen to boast that their beloved Seven God Duna lived among them.[2] Of course the dwarves are also not very happy to mention or admit that King Tenax was a slave as all dwarves of his time who although fought for their freedom and won.[2] Their very rebellion is considered as a source of pride for these impervious people but the slavery itself still left a strong mark upon them.[2] There were times when the Dwarven empire rivalled the lizard Ancient Empire in power, wealth and glory.[2] But these times are long past as the dwarven Queen Justinias rule is marked with a string of humiliating military defeats and has left a dwarven kingdom little more than a city state.[2]


Although, it must be said; not all nobles are powerless.[3] As the situation within the kingdom grew more and more worrying some nobles have formed a cabal in order to overthrow the Queen, breaking the royal line for the first time in history.[3] Unfortunately the rebellion was a failure and all but one of their leaders executed. The sole leader and survivor was exiled.[3]


Since the situation within the kingdom is far from the best many dwarves had taken the opportunity and left the kingdom and emigrated into human lands in their search for work.[3] Dwarves had taken jobs which humans were mostly unwilling to do and therefore provided a cheap source of skilled manual labour, while still pining for the kingdom they left behind.[3] Some dwarves have found prosperity and even wealth but at the same time there are certain individuals who had set up criminal networks and these dwarves are constantly playing the game of cat and mouse with local Divine Order authorities.[3] Whenever though magisters attempt to investigate any of these offenders they are met only with wall of silence within dwarven establishments as dwarves protect their own.[3]


Dwarves hold in great respect their creator God Duna and are fiercely nationalistic as they love their kingdom and also as a members of the main seven races acknowledge and worship the Divine One as the avatar of all Seven Gods.

Appearance in games[]

Dragon Commander[]

In this game the player could marry a Dwarven Princess and has a Dwarven advisor. 

Divine Divinity[]

In Divine Divinity dwarves played a major part in game storyline and as a various npcs both friendly and unfriendly.

Divinity original sin 2[]

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Between haves and have-nots alike, dwarves are fiercely nationalistic. Even the poorest dwarf would die for their dwindling Kingdom. But not all would die for the Queen...
in game description

Racial Talents[]

  • Sturdy - gives + 10% maximum Vitality and + 5% to Dodging
  • Dwarven Guile - gives + 1 to Sneaking

Racial Ability[]

  • Petrifying Touch

Origin Character[]

Divinity original sin boardgame[]

Within this game a player can choose to play as a Dwarven hero Beast from DOS2

Divinity Fallen heroes[]

Within this game a player can take control of Beast and talk to him.

Divinity II Dragon Knight Saga []

During this game which takes place in 1300 AD the dwarves are barely mentioned. The dwarves as members of the Elder Races (like Elves) are presumed to have either gone into hiding or emigrated from their homeland due to the events taking place during the Great War that took place between 1244 AD and 1250 AD.



DOS2 Early Access information[]

"Dwarves are fiercely nationalistic followers of their Empress. Their proud society reveres Source and is class-based, deeply divided between haves and have-nots."

  • The Dwarf begins the game with two natural talents.
  • Sturdy - +2 to Strength.
  • Dwarven Guile - +1 to Sneaking.
  • Dwarf racial ability is Metamorph.
  • The information here is taken mainly from the lorebook from Divine Ascension DLC for Divinity Original Sin 2 and from the game itself. Information on the race (history etc.) can be found in Divine Divinity and in associated novellas such as The Prophecy.

Important note about timeline[]

  • The history and political situation is written by in-game human character Cranley Huwbert and marks present time as 1242 AD.


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