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Fine sediments swirl from the Autumn Realm of Lapiterra directly into this dense, enchanted orb.

Earth essence is a type of crafting component in Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Earth essence is a magical orb of earth energy that is usable as an crafting component for many magic-based items such as potions and scrolls.



Following table shows all creatures which have a chance to drop the item upon death. Highlighted creatures in this table have 100 % chance to drop said item. Note that creatures may drop other items as well.

Creature Location Creature Location
Septa Icon (DOS2)
Septa the Ineffable
Fort Joy Ghetto Noxious Void Salamander Icon (DOS2)
Noxious Void Salamander
Hollow Marshes


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Following table shows all items for which this item is used for. Note that for more powerful Geomancer scrolls a better quality Earth essence is required. If the scroll utilises base Earth essence it is possible to use higher quality essence as substitute. In short you cannot use Earth Essence in recipe requiring Alien Earth Essence or High Quality Earth Essence.

Tables of items craftable with varying quality of earth essences
Items craftable with Earth Essence
Item Type Item Type
Contamination Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Contamination Scroll
Geomancer scroll Fortify Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Fortify scroll
Geomancer scroll
Fossil Strike Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Fossil Strike scroll
Geomancer scroll Impalement Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Impalement scroll
Geomancer scroll
Mend Metal Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Mend Metal scroll
Geomancer scroll Poison Dart Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Poison Dart scroll
Geomancer scroll
Poisoncloud Arrowhead
Poisoncloud Arrowhead
Crafting component Invisibility Potion
Stoneskin Potion
Tremor Grenade
Tremor Grenade
Items craftable with High Quality Earth Essence
Item Type Item Type
Earthquake Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Earthquake scroll
Geomancer scroll Poison Wave Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Poison Wave scroll
Geomancer scroll
Reactive Armour Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Reactive Armour scroll
Geomancer scroll
Items craftable with Alien Quality Earth Essence
Item Type Item Type
Living Wall Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Living Wall Scroll
Geomancer Scroll


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