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Divinity: Original Sin has some Easter Eggs within the game that can be found all over the place.


Location: Hiberheim Prison

Reference: A donator from RPGWatch who earned an NPC in the game.

DOS Easter Egg Dhruin

DOS Easter Egg Dhruin

Nine Inch Nails[]

Location: Mortician's Morgue (first floor), Cyseal; also found and sold throughout game.

Reference: An American industrial rock band founded in 1988.

DOS Easter Egg Nine Inch Nails

Rob Zombie[]

Location: Outside the North Gate of Cyseal near a bail of hay and a dead cow.

Reference: An American musician, film director, screenwriter, and film producer.  Member of White Zombie and solo artist.

DOS Easter Egg Rob Zombie

Hanneman's Axe[]

Location: Hidden in Hall of Heroes at Homestead.  A fairly high Perception is required to discover it.

Reference: Jeff Hanneman is an American musician and one of the founders of the thrash metal band, Slayer.  He had his own signature guitar.

DOS Easter Egg Hanneman's Axe

Psi-Powers Skillbook[]

Location: Zandalor's House, on top the fireplace mantel.

Reference: This book is unobtainable, it is a joke from the Devs.  Supposedly the joke is to get the book you need Psi-Powers that the book provides.

DOS Easter Egg Psi-Powers DOS Easter Egg Psi-Powers Stats

Spider Pig[]

Location: King's Tomb

Reference: Homer Simpson's pet pig, Plopper, in The Simpsons Movie. "Spider Pig! Spider Pig! Does whatever a spider pig does!"

DOS Easter Egg Spider Pig


How to Obtain: Crafted from Weresheep Wool.


DOS Easter Egg Weresheep Armour DOS Easter Egg Weresheep Bracers DOS Easter Egg Weresheep Boots DOS Easter Egg Weresheep Helmet

Boo Rattley[]

Location: Black Cove near the entrance.

Reference: A character named Arthur "Boo" Radley in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Also Minsc's hamster from "Baldur's gate" was called Boo DOS Easter Egg Boo Rattley

Herring Quest Item[]

Location: A single herring with the Quest Item tag.  (Somewhere in Cyseal?)

Reference: Monty Python and the Holy Grail - The Knights of Ni task King Aurther with cutting down the mightiest tree in the forest with... a herring!

Herring (Original Sin)DOS Easter Egg Herring

Larian Wagon[]

Location: To the southeast of the poison log in the Phantom Forest.

Reference: Larian is the company that created Divinity: Original Sin!  Unknown whether the strange group of characters nearby have any significance.

DOS Easter Egg Larian Wagon1

DOS Easter Egg Larian Wagon2