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Edmund is Farglow's gatekeeper in 1300 AD.


The first person the initiate meets upon their approach to the village. Edmund has met many a disciple at the entrance and makes reference to the fact that most who have passed this gate take a dislike to their title, eager to become slayers.

Interactions with the player character[]


Mind reading[]

Hehe, Sonja is so curious to see what's in the chest of mine. Little does she know I hid the key near her little goblin campsite in the arena.
Key is located on a rock next to the bonfire in the goblin camp. Unlocks the chest next to Tom's house; to the left, behind the bushes.

Related quests[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Edmund appears to have replaced two characters Machowskii, who was to tell the initiate that they could not learn from the trainers until speaking the archmage and the maiden picking flowers who would meet the initiate at Farglow's gate, greeting them.[1]


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