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For the character in Divinity II: Ego Draconis, see Edmund.
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Edmund is a general in Divinity: Dragon Commander. He is on the Raven from the start along with Henry.


Edmund grew up with plenty of resources and received an excellent education. Due to his success in education, he began feeling alienated from his peers, and over time became arrogant and believed himself to be more intelligent than his fellow students (not that he was wrong).

Edmund looks down on all non-Lizards as inferior, and even thinks of his fellow Lizards as being less intelligent than himself. This extends to the Commander, who he only follows because of Maxos' faith in him.

Edmund's arrogance can change throughout the game. The first major turning point is when, after dismissing pleas for help from a village he is meant to run, he arrives and sees the aftermath of a genocide. The second is when he falls in love with an Elven woman. In both cases, his racism and arrogance can be enforced or dissuaded by the Commander's choices.

Edmund doesn't like Henry but thinks him competent in actual combat. He doesn't think much of Catherine or Scarlett, and this doesn't change much even if his attitude towards other races changes.

Interactions with Player Character[]

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