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I've got something really special for you... What about... A MAGIC CARPET?!

El'Gammon is a conman in the Blue Boar Inn in 1218 AD.


A conman who operates under the pretext of exotic wares, El'Gammon sells alleged magical goods, including the helmet worn by the battlemage Ralph who fought against Chaos in 611 AD. He is also the author of If it Waddles Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck, Then You Can Probably Surmise it's an Imp in Disguise.

Interactions with player[]

  • Sells various magical items, which in the end, turn out to be junk, for Lucian.
Name Cost
Flying carpet 500
Sting 500
Fake Magic Mirror 500
Indestructible Sword 500
Magic Hood 500
  • After buying and testing all these items, he grants a skillpoint in Trader's Tongue, since you are his best customer.
  • You can also ask for refund, but then you will not get any.