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And that's when I met this stunning elven girl, Eleanalessa. O, I remember it well! Yes, she was very high maintenance - had to end a war between her people and the dwarves just to be able to steal a kiss - but she was more than worth it!

Eleanalessa is an elven beauty living in the elven village Fiu Nimble at the edge of the Dark Forest in 1218 AD.


Eleanalessa is the daughter of Anorion Gandalazzar.


  • Solve the problems between Elves and Dwarves - When first met Eleanalessa will ask the player to
  • Find the necklace - the player is offered an optional romance quest during which you have to forge (in reality retrieve) an amulet of her grandmother and give it to her. The amulet is forged by bringing the picture of it to Dwarven jeweller Elmer Vignus who can make copy of the original amulet.


  • On meeting, she says her name is Eleanessa, rather than Eleanalessa.
  • If player character is female Eleanessas gender will be changed to male as well as the name: Elean

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