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Though it is hard to imagine any being worse than a Troll, I must bid you to the darkest corner of your mind, wherein you will find the image of the Troll Elemental. These Trolls have adapted to their various environments, be they frozen or fiery, and, what's worse, they have also become more lithe and cunning than their bulky brothers. Be ever vigilant when traipsing through abandoned environs, or you may well never see what hit you.
Blackwood's Bestiary - Entry #203 by Cranley Huwbert

Elemental Troll is a creature in Divinity: Original Sin II.


Elemental troll is a more intelligent and cunning relative or Trolls, they are much more adapt at harnessing the powers of their element in fighting their foes. Due to their high intelligence they are capable of speech and some may be capable of even trading should the occassion be right.

Elemental trolls are beings not limited to Rivellon and are known to reside on other worlds such as demonic world Nemesis as told by troll merchant Trayde who came from that world. Elemental trolls can also be summoned via skill Conjure Incarnate and if the summoner is strong enough their power and size can rival their bulkier relatives.

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