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Elodi is a character in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Elodi is a female Elf you meet when you enter Fort Joy camp, she will be seen being harassed by two male Humans, Burro and Kana, you can choose to assist her or leave her to be killed by the two.

Ways to help her include fighting by her side against the two by choosing to say "this looks like a shakedown" followed by "you won't stand by and watch"

Helping Elodi will reward you with..

+20 Attitude towards the PC and any companions with you.

480 Experience for beating both Burro and Kana.

Defeating Burro will drop a named item called Burro's Club. This seems to be a 100% drop rate.

After defeating Burro and Kana, or convincing them to leave Elodi alone, she will go to the Caverns where you can speak with her and be rewarded with a Severed Head that will teach an Elf party member the skill First Aid.

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