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It gives me great pain. I am with my family, we are making beautiful magic. We are healing a tree cut down with great violence. The Magisters come. My family runs, but I fall. My son looks back. I shout to him to run. I am taken.
Elodi recounting how she was captured by Magisters

Elodi is an elven Sourcerer imprisoned on Fort Joy in 1242 AD.


Elodi is a female elf and a sourcerer who, prior to her capture, used her magic to heal trees that were violently cut down. She was captured after their family's attempt at healing a tree was interrupted by Magisters who catched her as she fell.

Elodi can be found at Fort Joy ghetto in front of statue of the Divine where is being harassed by two humans, Burro and Kana. If players decide to help her she will lead them to her hideout in the Caverns where she will reward them.

Interactions with player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

Related quests[]