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Elvish Tales is a book in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.



This dusty book is a collection of tales about the elvish race's history. One particular chapter seems to be related to the cave you found the book in:

During the Great War, every race in Rivellon was under the threat of the Damned One's legions, and from among them the elves suffered the most brutal losses. To this day, it is known what happened to the proud elvish race: some claim not a single one of them is still alive; others like to think those who might be left are simply hiding in the densest of forests, waiting for Damian to be ultimately vanquished.

What is certain, though, is that a late descendant of Jemthorn, the ancient elf king - dead at the hands of the Chaos Lord - retreated with members of his clans deep into the caves beneath Broken Valley. Slantwig, as he was called, even went as far as to dig an underground hideout in order to save his people's lives - a travesty for beings that normally thrive under sun and moonlight.

Survival was the only thing that truly mattered for them, but these elves were not yet ready to sacrifice the very nature of their existence. Therefore, deep inside their secret dungeon, they held daily ceremonies in honour of their gods: praying, and mourning the loss of their dead comrades.

Slantwig would sit in his modest and improvised throne, trying to reach the spirit of nature, and all of his men would kneel in a circle around him, with various animal pelts under their legs. One after the other, they would stand in front of Slantwig, and remain steady for a long while, in silence, waiting for the blessing of their leader and the magical energy he would have gathered from his prayers. This test of faith and patience was rewarded when Slantwig apposed his amulet to the forehead of each disciple, effectively allowing him to commune with the gods.

Yet, as they felt the presence of their gods fading away with each day spent underground, members of the clan started to have doubts about Slantwig's decision to leave their home behind. Some were too weakened to even take part in the ceremony anymore, as the uneasiness caused by their rocky surroundings gradually turned into physical pain and nightmarish visions.

Their fate was sealed when a goblin tribe decided to claim the cave and, while elvish warriors would normally dismissed the little pests easily, they were quickly outnumbered and slain.