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Allows the caster to magically charm his weapons to enhance their damage and efficiency. Only weapons which have certain charm quality can be charmed.
Skill description

Enchant Weapon is a Warrior skill in Divine Divinity.


Allows placement of Charms onto gear. A combination of skill level and charm quality of equipment determines the maximum amount of charms that can be set, but not their quality.

Adding charms will not increase the value of the enchanted item and the charms cannot be removed. If the skill is increased while the charming window is open, the additional charm slot will not become available; the interface must be closed and re-opened first. A charm doesn't have to be in the inventory to be used; charms in the environment can be inserted.

Rank Required level Effects
1 1 1 charm
2 7 2 charms
3 13 3 charms
4 19 4 charms
5 25 5 charms