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Here is the truth. I have killed thousands, perhaps millions, for the greater good. But I made a mistake. It was my use of Deathfog that opened the door to the God King. It upset the Veil and took the Seven by suprise. My one mistake meant all those sacrifices were for naught. Those sacrifices must have meaning. They must stop the Void, once and for all.

End Times is a main quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Enter the Tomb and speak with Lucian and Dallis
  • Side or fight with Lucian and Dallis
  • Kill Braccus Rex
    • Render Lucian and Dallis unconscious if sided against them
  • Decide the fate of Rivellon, by choosing what to do with Divinity

Detailed walkthrough[]

Entering the Tomb[]

This quest is accepted once godwoken enter the Tomb of Lucian. If Malady is alive she will enter the tomb with most of the Lady Vengeance crew. They will all offer their prayers to the Godwoken and thus supply them with "infinite" source.

If Sir Lora survived or was not purged he will speak with the Godwoken for the last time and run off.

Upon entering the room all godwoken will be dragged into conversation with Lucian and Dallis. A long conversation takes place were they will attempt to explain their reasons and persuade the godwoken to be purged in order to seal the Veil. At the same time Dallis reveals her true identity. If Fane is in the party a small conversation takes place. In the end Dallis starts to scream at Fane only to be stopped by Lucian and told to "control herself".

If Ifan is in the party he will attempt to attack Lucian before the conversation ends so if godwoken wish to side with Lucian they have to stop him from attacking Lucian.

At the end of the conversation godwoken has a choice to submit or to fight against Lucian. If godwoken is sworn they are forced by the God King to fight with Lucian, unless they defy and use the swornbreaker.

Siding against Lucian[]

If godwoken refuses to submit or lets Ifan attack Lucian, they will have to fight them along with Braccus Rex, until he or Dallis are udner 50% of Vitality. Afterwards Braccus turns against Dallis, summons the Void and the Kraken into the tomb.

During this fight Dallis assumes the form of the dragon. The Kraken summons undead Isbeil, Sallow Man and Linder Kemm to fight alongside Braccus. Lucian may or may not go immediatelly go after Braccus. However it is advised to go after Braccus since the moment Braccus dies all of his allies are defeated and then focus on Dallis with Lucian.

Siding with Lucian[]

If godwoken submits to Lucian, Braccus breaks free before they are purged and summons the Void along with the Kraken into the tomb.

At the start of the fight Kraken summons undead Isbeil, Sallow Man and Linder Kemm to fight alongside Braccus. Lucian will during this fight focus only on Braccus. Dallis, in her dragon form, will attack the nearby enemies. In this case all godwoken has to do is to kill Braccus.

Once Braccus Rex dies the fight stops and godwoken is given the choice of what to do with Divinity, regardless of whether they sided with or against Lucian.


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The ending and epilogue the godwoken will experience depend on their decisions. Because of this it is advised to save the game before deciding what to do with Divinity.

If the godwoken refuses to accept Divinity and there is no godwoken to take it, God King will take the Divinity.

If the godwoken accepts the Divinity then few more options arise. The Godwoken can either:

  • Allow himself/herself and Rivellon to be purged and therefore restore the Veil.
  • Become Divine One
  • Share Divinity with rest of the world

The above options are avaliable only if godwoken is not sworn or did not made a pact with Adramahlihk. If the deciding godwoken is sworn then they will have to restore the Eternals back into the world (unless they used the swornbreaker).

If godwoken made a pact with the doctor and keeps his/her promise then the Doctor kills Lucian and Dallis and together with the godwoken become Divines.


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  • Achievments dependant on the decision with Divinity:
    • Risen: Ascend to Divinity
    • Supreme Sacrifice: Purge Rivellon of all Source
    • Return of the King: Submit to the God King
    • The Adventure Begins: Release Divinity unto Rivellon
    • Eternal Salvation: Bring back the Eternals but leave God King in the Void
    • One for All : Share Divinity with Rivellon
    • Angel and Demon: Share Divinity with Adramahlihk