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There is no one smarter than the Engineer, and nothing is more deadly than his snares!


The Engineer, also known as the betrayed one, is the spirit of a half-demon wizard who sought knowledge in life and vengeance in death.

Background Edit

Divine Divinity Edit

In Divine Divinity, the Engineer is imprisoned in a cell beneath the Cursed Abbey, and inhabits a metal body apparently of his own design. If asked about his past, he explains that he was a powerful wizard due to his partially demonic heritage. His only objective was obtaining knowledge, and his specialty was machines, so he would sometimes take jobs designing security systems so he could afford rare materials for his experiments.

At some point, he was hired by the monks to construct a security system to prevent intruders from accessing their forbidden archives. After creating this system, the monks betrayed him and locked him beneath the Abbey, both to get out of paying and to get rid of the only person who could get to the archives. He cursed the Abbey and the monks in retaliation, resulting in the Abbey's undead infestation. His only condition to stop haunting the Abbey is that he's payed what he was promised for his work; after receiving his payment he vanishes, presumably to the afterlife.

Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance Edit

In Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance he is summoned by a pair of monks, Abbott and Charles, in an effort to recover an extremely rare tome of sorcery. When freed, the Engineer possessed the body of Charles and initiated the plague of walking dead that threatens the city of Aleroth. The Engineer is assisted by a troll named Skulk, who calls him, "the greatest intellect in Rivellon." He cannot be mindread.

For the quests Dead Rising and Nericon's Wrath, the Dragon Knight is tasked with finding and ending the source of the undead - The Engineer. When he is confronted in Source Square, pull the four levers in the district before attacking him. When killed, a chest spawns nearby that contains the Engineer's Sword for Clue IV of the plot quest To Find a Wizard. Killing him also rewards the "Sharp as a Steel Trap" achievement.

After the Engineer's death, Behrlihn reveals that he was originally an ally to Chaos during the War of the Wizards. After realizing how dangerous it was, he betrayed Behrlihn to the Council of Seven, explaining his animosity towards the Engineer.