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Enrage is a warfare skill in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Motivate an allied character with the power of rage. Target allied character is guaranteed to land critical hits with basic attacks and weapon skills, but is silenced. Clears Taunted, Terrified, Charmed, Mad and Clear-Minded statuses.



Following table shows all NPCs who are guaranteed to sell warfare skillbooks, with their location and coordinates in the right column, from them. The location shown in the table (and the coordinates) are only for the initial location the NPC is in. Note that some of these may have other spell/skillbooks and goods to sell. Gareth may follow the Godwoken on Lady Vengeance if his demands are met.

Trader Location (x, y) Trader Location (x, y)
Kalias Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Fort Joy
(488, 565)
Gareth Definitive Portrait (Original Sin 2)
Ruined Castle
(467, 269)
Haran Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Driftwood Square
(345, 125)
Elven Thorndancer Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Elven Thorndancer
Elven Camp
(508, 312)
Black Ring Quartermaster Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Black Ring Quartermaster
Black Ring encampment
(234, 769)
The Lost Knight Definitive Portrait (Original Sin 2)
The Lost Knight
Temple of Tir-Cendelius
(294, 915)
Fionola Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
The Cathedral
(275, 283)