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Enter Stormfist Castle is a quest in Divine Divinity. Completing this quest and entering Stormfist Castle will temporarily close off access outside of the castle.

Quick walkthrough[]

  1. Talk to the captain of the guard or General Alix
  2. Complete either:
  3. Give the invitation to the captain of the guard.


To enter Stormfist Castle, an invitation must be acquired, which will only be given to a person who has done a heroic deed. The captain of the guard suggests to either:

General Alix will offer to send the Hero to the front lines and Captain Mitox to aid in the defence of the orcs. In addition to these two routes, Exposing the Duke's Murderer will also grant an invitation. Once one of these tasks has been completed, return to Ralph and if helping with the plague or exposing the duke's murder obtain the letter of invitation from Ralph. If aiding on the front lines, speak to Captain Mitox and return to General Alix and obtain her Letter of Invitation.

Once the letter has been obtained, return to the castle and present the letter to the guards at the gate.

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