Divinity Wiki

Fire Surfaces[]


  • Environmental torches
  • Pyrokinetic spells
  • Fire arrows or grenades/bombs

Fire surfaces are one of the most common surfaces you'll encounter throughout your playthrough; they are also one of the most dangerous as they can spread quickly and if combined with poison or oil, they will explode for a great deal of damage. Walking through fire will set Burning on you, but it can be blocked by magic armor.

They can be doused using a water spell like Rain, air Frost, or spells like Battle Stomp which removes surfaces.

Cursed fire (Hellfire) does a lot more damage and is impossible to douse. While Blessed fire will turn blue and cure characters instead of damaging them.

Poison Surfaces[]


  • Geomancy spells
  • Poison barrels
  • Poison arrows, grenades, bombs

Poison surfaces are another common one you'll encounter and they are just as deadly as fire. As stated above if combined with fire poison will explode. Walking through a poison field will set Poisoned on you, however it heals undead characters so keep that in mind.

Poison surfaces can also be removed by things like Battle Stomp or replacing the field with water, oil or frost.

Frozen Surfaces[]


  • Hydrosophist spells
  • Arrows, grenades, bombs

Frozen surfaces do not set any statuses upon players, but being on a frozen surface will give you a chance to be Knocked Down if you move on them. Crafting nails to your boots will grant them Slipping immunity.

Frozen surfaces can be melted with fire.

Cursed frost will eventually freeze you as you walk over it, bypassing the Magic armor.

Wet Surfaces[]


  • Wet surfaces come from Hydrophist spells like Rain or melting frozen surfaces
  • Arrows, grenades, bombs
  • Water barrels

Wet surfaces don't cause any problems directly, but they can be electrocuted and create a large stunning pool that will be incredibly difficult to escape from without something to destroy or replace the surface with.

Wet surfaces can be used as a protection against spreading fires. Water and fire creates vapor and a dry ground.

Blood Surfaces[]


  • Necromancy spells
  • Bleeding
  • Being hit can gush blood on the ground

Blood surfaces act much like Wet ones with the exception of the talent Leech that interacts with blood. They can also be electrocuted like wet surfaces and replaced/destroyed in the same manner.