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Eternal Winter is a main quest in Divinity: Original Sin.


  1. Speak with Almina after completing The Lady In The Lake
  2. Enter the Hiberheim Forest area.
  3. (Optional) Earn the trust of the Three Immaculate Camps and speak to them to update the quest.
  4. (Optional) Free the first 2 captives from the Captives In The Crystals, side with them and win the Charisma game to update the quest. Note that you will get better loot if you kill the captives instead.
  5. Head to the location of the Hidden Hatch. It is by a large skull shaped rock, North of Fabrizio's camp. You will need perception to see it.
  6. While unrelated to this quest, destroy the Iron Maiden in the prison for a Blood Stone.
  7. Get to the end of the linear dungeon and interact with the Ice prison where the White Witch is imprisoned.
  8. Confront the Conduit at the North East corner of Hiberheim Forest. She is found in a building far North of the Hiberheim North Waypoint Portal. Pick up the spell dropped by her goons.
  9. Interact with the barrier at Boreas' Castle and use the spell to disable the force field.
  10. Kill Boreas and pick up the Elemental Staff.
  11. Take the staff to the Elemental Forge where you met the Conduit. Drag the Elemental Staff to the forge to free the Elemental Kings (4680 XP).
  12. Return to the Hiberheim Prison Waypoint Portal and use the Fire Rune while standing next to the Ice prison. Ask the fire king to undo the ice prison to complete the quest and free the White Witch.


  • 7020 XP
    • 2925 XP for each of the guardians outside the castle entrance.
    • 2340 XP for disabling the castle force field.