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The Eternals are the precursor race of the seven sentient races of Rivellon. The most notable of the Eternals are the Seven Gods, Fane and Aetera.


Prior to the creation of the seven races, dwarves, elves, humans, imps, lizards, orcs and wizards, the world was dominated by the Eternals; creatures so diverse that they did not fit the modern understanding of a 'race'[1]. Their largest known civilisation was based around The Academy of the Seven, a centre dedicated to magic and the study of Source.

Towards the end of the era of the Eternals, Fane's discovery of the Veil led to a civil war between the forces of the Seven Lords, who, using the newfound power, rebelled against the Eternal King[2]. During the course of said war, most of the Eternals have been purged of Source and thrown into the Void, alongside their King. Because of this, the once-illustrious race regressed into the monstrous voidwoken, mere fragments of the species they were before.

The Seven were once Eight. After banishing the God King and his followers to the void, the Eighth Eternal plotted against his comrades and created the race of demons, before using them to try and claim Rivellon for himself. The Seven managed to defeat him and cast him into the dimensional gap between Rivellon and the Hall of Echoes, creating Tartarus, where the Eighth crowned himself the Lord of Chaos.


The records of the Eternals' appearance differ, however they are all innately Source Vampiric[3]. The portraits in Arx cathedral show them as completely dissimilar, with one unifying trace - being a gem-like feature on the forehead[4]. This is repeated by the Eternal-shaped etchings spotted atop the lids of Eternal Tombs. The Godwoken novel, however, utilises the description Fane was given during the romance scene, making the Eternals blue skinned and human in appearance. The Lords' depictions in the novel also are not consistent with their in-game paintings.


According to Fane's words[5], but also many relics spotted across Rivellon, the existence of the Eternals revolved around the pursuit of knowledge. They were keen scientists, having intricate understanding of laws that governed their world. Their technological advancements included taming the electricity in the form of Phase Capacitor, creating intelligent automatons and most likely pioneering the portal technology.


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