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Watch out you! I’ve got an axe!
Eugene - Jackal

Eugene is the agreed name of the two souls inhabiting the body, Jackal and Clyde in 1300 AD.


Prior to their binding in a single body, Jackal and Clyde were travelling to Aleroth and Broken Valley Village respectively. Whilst on their separate journeys they were bound together by Bellegar and have since been vying for the other to be removed from the body they inhabit. One such attempt to do so, by speaking to a goblin shaman resulted in Jackal killing the creature as it "looked at him funny".

Interactions with the player character[]



Shut up! Shut up! No, no you shut up! No you're talking to yourself!

Related quests[]

  • Method or Madness - Eugene requests the Dragon Knight separates the two souls within so only one continues to inhabit the body.

Real world connections[]

  • Careful with That Axe, Eugene is an instrumental song by the British band Pink Floyd.
  • Jackal and Clyde share many traits with Jekyll and Hyde, from the polarity of the personalities to the linguistic similarities of the naming pairs.
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