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Experience, or exp points are acquired by killing enemies and completing quests. When a certain number of exp points is reached, the character increases his or her level, gaining four stat points and one skill point to be distribute as desired.


  • Exp points are used for mindreading. The amount depends on the target, and can be reduced by increasing one's Mindread skill. Exp points used by mindreading are not deducted directly from the character's exp points, but rather they are noted as an experience debt. Experience gained later is reduced by that amount.
  • Bonus exp points can be gained by increasing one's Wisdom skill.
  • The amount of exp points gained when defeating an enemy depends not just on the enemy, but also on the level of the main character. The higher the player's level, the lower the exp points gained.
  • Unlike combat experience, the experience gained from quests is not affected by the character's level. Generally, in games which use this type of mechanic, experience gains can be maximized by killing as many enemies as possible in a region prior to turning-in any quests. This provides more experience per kill (by getting the kills at a lower level), saving the experience gains from quests to be obtained at higher levels (which remain the same regardless of level).