Divinity Original Sin - All Expert Marksman Skills

Divinity Original Sin - All Expert Marksman Skills

Expert Marksman contains the "ranger" skills in the game. Five of its skills require a ranged weapon to be equipped to use. They are able to cure many status effects and also plant diseases and charm on another.

Remarkably, no marksman skill requires an ability level of 5. Instead, level 5 opens up the talents "Elemental Ranger" and the powerful "Quickdraw".

Skill Lvl Rq Skill Lvl AP Min Dex Abil Lvl Req Ranged Weapon Description
DOS Skill Arrow Spray Arrow Spray 13 13 6 11 4 Yes

Fire multiple arrows in an arc. Deals X-Y piercing damage.

DOS Skill Barrage Barrage 7 6 8 9 2 Yes

Fire multiple arrows in a straight line. Deals 60% weapon damage.

DOS Skill Doctor Doctor 4 8 4 10 2

Cures Weak, Blind, Mute, and Infectious Disease.

DOS Skill First Aid First Aid 1 3 3 8 1

Cures Bleeding, Crippled, and Diseased.

DOS Skill Infect Infect 10 10 6 10 3

Plant a disease on a nearby target.

DOS Skill Minor Charm Minor Charm 1 2 5 8 1

Try to charm a character and make him fight for you. (NOTE: Scroll Only)

DOS Skill Mute Mute 7 7 5 9 1

Mute a target.

DOS Skill Ranged Power Stance Ranged Power Stance 1 2 0 8 1 Yes

Improve damage with bow and crossbow. (Toggle Stance)

DOS Skill Ranged Precision Stance Ranged Precision Stance 4 4 0 8 1 Yes

Improve chance to hit with bow and crossbow. (Toggle Stance)

DOS Skill Rapture Rapture 10 10 5 10 3

Charm a character into becoming an ally.

DOS Skill Ricochet Ricochet 1 2 6 8 1 Yes

Fire a normal arrow that deals 70% weapon (piercing) damage and then forks off to the next target.

DOS Skill Survivor's Karma Survivor's Karma 7 9 6 10 3

Increase your luck and that of the allies around you.

DOS Skill Tactical Retreat Tactical Retreat 1 2 4 8 1

Jump out of a hazardous situation. (Teleports the character to a location within sight up to 15 m away.)

DOS Skill Treat Poisoning Treat Poisoning 4 5 5 9 2

Cures poison.

Ability Level Talent Unlocked Description
2 Sidestep Gives you 10% extra chance to evade hits.
5 Elemental Ranger Arrows may inflict bonus elemental damage depending on the surface on which your target is standing.
5 Quickdraw Reduces 1 AP from the cost of using ranged weapons.

Tips and Strategies Edit

  • Marksman skills vary between being weapon damage and level based, so it is possible to have a large gap between damage effectiveness between them if a character's weapon is not level-appropriate.
  • Expert Marksman contains one of the most powerful skills in the game: Rapture. DOS Status Effect CharmedCharmingTurnover to opponent's side

    Removed by:
    DOS Skill Purifying Fire Purifying Fire
    one enemy in a group not only increases your damage output while decreasing your opponents', but also adds an additional target for them to attack. A charmed enemy will often be killed by its own team. As Charmed enemies are controlled by the AI, it is normally best to take an enemy marksman with the ability to use charm, thus doubling the advantage if they use the ability.
  • Due to the high dexterity requirement for powerful skills such as Rapture, Expert Marksman is not good for dipping into for that purpose. However, First Aid (Divinity: Original Sin), and Tactical Retreat are very useful abilities available for just one point in Expert Marksman. It is worth considering, however, that for the same one point in Man-at-Arms, a character can have Phoenix Dive, Cure Wounds, and Helping Hand.
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