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Oh, don't stare. How would you look after aeons in some ghastly crypt? But your people are rather prone to death. Mine are not. And yet when I emerged from my completely unjustified imprisonment, I found them gone, our culture forgotten, any trace of the world I knew all but obliterated. I must even hide my true face beneath an ever-shifting mask for fear you savages will attack me! That is how I wander this strange world, trying to uncover the truth about a history you primitive people never even knew existed.

Fane is an Eternal scholar who evaded being thrust into the Void by the Seven Gods.


During the reign of the Eternals before the rise of the gods, Fane was a scholar, working in The Eternal Academy, which was a second home to him. His pursuit of knowledge resulted in his discovery of the Veil - a barrier of pure Source, that later turned out to separate Rivellon from the Void. Despite preaching about the significance of his find and the progress its further study might bring to the people, the Eternal King ordered him to halt any research on the Veil. In spite of this, Fane decided to inform the Seven lords[1] of his discovery, hoping their intercession would help to sway the King's ruling, and thus allow him to continue his research. This, however, in King's eyes was nothing short of treason. Once Fane's disobedience was found out, he was arrested and put on a trial, which sentenced him to an eternity in a Traitor's Tomb.

The Seven, with Fane's research in hand, started an insurrection against the King, that evolved into a full-out civil war that ended with the Seven dethroning the King and casting him into the Void alongside the rest of the Eternals. Sometime at the start of the war[2], Fane's family was also purged and separately imprisoned for his crimes. The entombing saved Fane, his daughter and wife, and other sealed away Eternals from being cast into the Void.

He is first encountered on the Merryweather under the guise of an elf, however when Windego breaks free of her Source collar and unleashes the Voidwoken on the ship she steals his mask, rendering his skeletal form visible to others. Upon landing on Reapers' Eye, he investigates the corpses of those who have recently died within Hidden Alcove north of Fort Joy, looking to see if there is a way to detach the face from the body and craft a new mask; he may further the end of being able to use faces for his purposes if he meets Kniles, a surgeon with a twisted taste for torture, he then discovers a device known as a face ripper which can cleanly remove a face from a body. With this device and Source orbs Fane is finally able to craft masks to disguise this undead form, however as he travels out to the Hollow Marshes, he may come face to face with Windego and defeat her for his mask. [3]

As Fane makes his escape from the island, he is approached by Amadia to be her Godwoken champion and for the second time, assists the Seven Gods into defeating the Eternal race, who have now become Voidwoken.


Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • Letting Fane speak with Nebora at Fort Joy gives + 10 Attitude
  • Letting Fane speak with Kniles the Flenser and completing the trade with him gives + 10 Attitude
    • This route also avoids combat with him
  • Asking Fane about his people (and agreeing that "one should always learn from one's betters") gives + 2 Attitude
  • As party member Fane has to be persuaded in the Academy of the Seven to not become sworn (Finesse, Constitution, Strength)
    • Finesse route can be passed with 0 points in Persuasion. Using it will give + 10 Attitude with Fane.
    • Constitution route requires 4 points in Persuasion.
    • Strength route requires 5 points in Persuasion.
    • Note that if you fail the persuasion Fane will become Sworn and permanently leave your party.
  • Most but not all NPCs gravely hate Undead and will attack Fane and your party the moment they see him and his torso (chest piece), legs (pants piece) and head (helmet piece) are unclothed.
    • NOTE: Not-hostile NPCs for example include Tarquin, but only before reaching Arx. At Arx he will be hostile towards the Undead.[4]

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  • Fane was written by video game writer Chris Avellone who wrote his Origin backstory [5] and Stephen Rooney who also wrote Meistr Siva [6]

Baldur's Gate III[]

  • Fane is referenced in the game through a portrait which can be found in Refectory (a crypt accessed by lockpicking a door behind the bandits). The description says: Excruciatingly precise lines bring this portrait's undead subject to life. Despite his empty eye sockets, you could almost swear his gaze follows you - judgementally.
  • Second reference to Fane is through the Mask of the Shapeshifter which can be found in the game if the Digital Deluxe Edition has been purchased.





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