Get rid of the seekers at Jackson's Farm.


There are a number of ways to finish this quest. You can either:

  1. Mind read Lomax for 40 exp and tell him that Elisabeth needs him in town and they will leave. Cross the bridge, speak with Mouse, and then return to Richard in Rivertown.
  2. Bribe Lomax for 100 gold. Return to Mouse then to Richard.
  3. Or speak to Lomax and kill all of the guards, (three level 5's), return to Mouse then to Richard.
  4. Side with the guards and kill Richard, successfully finishing the quest. Beware though that you may collect more goblin hearts after it, and Richard will be unable to take them from you.


If you take the assault route and kill the guards, you will gain an extra 100 exp per guard, (depending on your level).


Default: 450 exp, 160 gold.

Extra: 320 gold or a random item.