Description Edit

Throw an item or character up high and land it safely on the ground. Cannot target self.
Target can safely be moved 15 meters away from its position.

Tips & Strategies Edit

  • Can be used instead of DOS Skill Teleportation Teleportation to move an ally across the map without being damaged
  • Or can be used when Teleportation is on cooldown to drop an enemy into Lava or some other detrimental environment
  • Although the targeting radius for this skill can be increased to 17 meters with Far Out Man, the target can still only be moved 15 meters from its position
  • Using this spell does not trigger hostility, so it can be used to move NPCs around without their complaining. You can even trap them in areas they cannot escape, such as prison cells.
  • For Sneaky Murder, you can drop NPCs into dangerous terrain like Fire, Poison or Lava. This will not trigger hostility, as they do not make the connection between your using Feather Drop and their taking damage from the hazard. You can use the hazard in this way to lower their HP before delivering the final blow yourself for the XP reward.

NOTE: The Skillbook for this skill is called "Featherfall"

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