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Allows the caster to take in the visage of death to fool his enemies.
Skill description

Feign Death is a Warrior skill in Divine Divinity.


Feign death is a active skill that allows Lucian to play dead to fool enemies. Casting and maintaining the guise costs magic. Higher ranks of this skill lower magic cost for maintaining the skill. At the highest rank this skill only costs magic to cast it whilst maintaining this skill costs no magic at all. This allows Lucian to feign death indefinitely.

Rank Required level Effects Mana cost
1 6 80% mana drained. 6
2 12 60% mana drained. 9
3 18 40% mana drained. 12
4 24 20% mana drained. 15
5 30 No amount of mana is drained. 18


  • On items with suffix of Feigning.